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Radici del Sud On Tour: come and taste 60 different wines from the South of Italy

Showcasing Southern Italian native varieties, the fifth edition of Radici del Sud on tour is back in Amsterdam from the 20th to the 23rd of October. The event sees Terre Lente and the Association Propapilla join forces again to shine a spotlight on Southern Italian wines and will take place at Terre Lente in Amsterdam between the 20th and the 23rd of October 2023. The focus, as always, will be on connecting the wine producers from Southern Italy with wine buyers, journalists, wine experts, restauranteurs and wine lovers from all over the Netherlands. Some of the producers who took part in the 2023 edition of Radici del Sud will be present. In this blog we dive into the different events that you can be a part of.

About Radici del Sud

The event programme will give wine enthusiasts the opportunity to taste 60 different wines from Southern Italy from the 20th to the 22nd of October.

There will also be the possibility to taste southern Italian gastronomic specialities prepared by Chef Giacomo Racanelli, who for the occasion has created special menus to showcase Southern Italian dishes and products. On Saturday 21st October (from 7pm-10pm) Chef Racane

lli will create three dishes inspired by the Southern Italian Seas and Mountains and on Sunday 22nd October (2pm- 6pm) he will dedicate two dishes to Southern Italian Sundays. Monday 23rd October, from 11am- 5pm, will be dedicated to importers, journalists and industry professionals to meet the Southern Italian producers.

The renewing of this event, now in its fifth edition, confirms and consolidates the message and the connections that Radici del Sud aims to achieve, providing a stage for wines of Southern Italy to reach a broader audience. Click here for the updated list of producers taking part in Amsterdam from the 20th-23rd October.

20-10: Take one - The aperitivo

On the first day of Radici del Sud we will open all of the newly arrived bottles. This evening, we extend a warm invitation to explore and savor the wines that spark your curiosity. Your opinions matter to us, since taste is very personal. We will meet, discuss, answer questions and have a good time together doing so.

Our tasting experience will unfold in true Italian aperitivo style, accompanied by a selection of classic Italian bites to enhance the wine tasting. A great way to start off this wine packed weekend, or any weekend for that matter...

21-10: Take two - The aperitivo and the dinner

Saturday October 21st the Radici del Sud festivities continue with two events. At 17:00h we kickstart the evening with an aperitivo, extending our ongoing exploration of Southern Italian wines. At 19.00h we will start a walking dinner. Chef Giacomo Racanelli, owner of the intimate Aromi Bistrot near Bari, brings a bit of his homeland to Terre Lente for this evening. Embark on a gastronomic journey inspired by the Southern Italian mountains and seas, featuring a dish such as tubetti pasta with mussels. For the full menu, kindly follow the link down below.Throughout this dinner, we'll pair each course with wines that harmonize with chef Giacomo's creations.

You can join us for the aperitivo, the dinner or for both!

22-10: Take three - Lazy Sunday Brunch

Join us on Sunday October 22nd for a brunch and wine tasting that promises to be the perfect finale to the Radici del Sud weekend. On this day we seek your company to honor the love letters encapsulated in every bottle from the South of Italy. Together we will savor the remaining drops and celebrate the essence of these wines in a relaxed and lazy setting.

Chef Giacomo Racanelli will work his magic to conjure up some comfort food that will warm your heart. Drawing inspiration from Southern Italian Sundays, we will serve two dishes. We start with a thistle flan, featuring smoked provola cheese and anchovies, followed by a ziti pasta adorned with veal meatballs ragù.

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