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Saturday Night Gnocchi. Workshop + Social Dinner

Come make some authentically yummy Neapolitan gnocchi, good memories and new friends (who like to cook) on Saturday August 24th! Let's set a couple of basic things straight, before you even sign up:

1. It's written "gnocchi", it's pronounced /'Nyo'ckkY/ - no worries, the workshop includes free pronunciation coaching ;-)

2. The real fresh 'gnocchi di patate' you are going to make and enjoy are nothing like the industrial "gnocchi" that can be found on supermarket shelves. Prepare your palate to be pampered and your confidence to be rightly puffed up! Together with As Soup As Possible we are celebrating togetherness, real food, and the joys that come from sharing the most genuine things in life.

You'll learn the ins and outs of this festive Italian specialty in a relaxed, homelike atmosphere during a highly interactive collaborative cooking session followed by a social dinner. (Limited) extra seats are available at the dinner table for guests who prefer to only join for dinner (from 7:30PM). It's a good opportunity for workshop participants to invite friends to taste their very own gnocchi! This event is vegetarian-friendly.

Where: Terre Lente, Westerstraat 55

When: August 24

Time: 6 - 9:30PM

Costs workshop + dinner: 58EU

Cost dinner only: 30EU

SIGN UP HERE See you in the kitchen!

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