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4sept.Terre Lente goes Sexy!

Inspiring sexy band, drinks, food, dance and lots of fun, in the center of Amsterdam, an area considered the place of the artists: Jordaan. It is going to be a very special Monday! 18:00 Walk in, drinks and aperitivo by Terre Lente 19:30 Concert "The Bunga Bunga Experience". Don't forget your dancing shoes. - THE BUNGA BUNGA EXPERIENCE The phenomenal electro-acoustic dance band - The Bunga Bunga Experience brings you an elaborate mix of electronic beats, alluring horn lines, seductive bass and pulsing guitar riffs. The band gives you the unexpected piece of the party by having created the music you never dared to ask for. Admission fee: 10 EUR Info and Reservations: Limited space (be quick and make sure you make a reservation)

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