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29-11: Concert Lewin bij Terre Lente

Bijgewerkt op: 13 sep. 2022

Save the date: 29 November is er sinds lange tijd weer een concert bij Terre Lente 🎤🎶!

Lewin maakt indie-folk muziek die je raakt. Na een mooie relatie die toch eindigde in een break-up is er een prachtig album gemaakt en de tweede EP van het album "For the leaving" wordt deze avond gereleased, samen met meerdere mooie indie songs, onder het genot van een wijntje en heerlijke antipasti welke Luigi zal verzorgen.

Wij zullen lekkere wijnen en antipasti serveren. Één drankje en de antipasti is inclusier het ticket.

Wil je erbij zijn? Meld je dan hier aan. (er zijn beperkte plaatsen beschikbaar)

Meer informatie hieronder in het Engels.



On November 29, Lewin will present her new EP 'For The Leaving' in the warm setting of Terre Lente in the center of Amsterdam. Warm, narrative indie-folk music, straight from the heart.

We will provide guests with antipasti and regional wine. Antipasti and one drink are included in every concert-ticket.

FOR THE LEAVING 'For The Leaving' is the second of two EP's that are part of a full album Lewin recorded with her then-lover and muse Aaron Ahrends in Berlin about three years ago. What they didn't know at the time, was that all songs presciently described their breakup before it actually happened. Songs of goodbye, having to leave someone you love and about things not working out.

When everything was recorded the relationship fell apart, and Lewin could hear how on some level she had seen it coming. It took some time, the material was still too raw and vulnerable, but now Lewin is releasing all those songs in three steps.

Her first EP, 'For The Left Behind', was released in September and described the rocky first years - she could feel her love slowly drifting away, fearing she might be left behind. This second EP 'For The Leaving' is it's counterpart; the four songs on this EP were written in a later period, where she felt it was time to take charge of the situation, trying to come to terms with maybe having to end things herself, being the one to leave rather than left behind.

Before the release of the full album, Lewin wants to celebrate this second step with an intimate concert in one of her favorite places in Amsterdam: Terre Lente. She'll be playing songs from both EP's with her band, in a small setting, with good wine, good food, and good people.

EP's / MERCH Lewin handmade a limited number of physical EP's that come in special packages with a CD, totebag, handwritten lyrics and more; only a hundred numbered copies for each EP, that she will personalise with a message and signature.

You can buy one or both EP packages on the night itself ór included in the ticket which will give you a considerable discount.

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