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08-12: Soup & Sourdough met As Soup As Possible

Bijgewerkt op: 13 sep. 2022

Soup and bread

December 8 is er weer een soup & sourdough avontuur bij Terre Lente! Met Elvira, As Soup As Possible's Italiaanse zuurdesem starter. Kom samen met nieuwe mensen die dezelfde liefde voor goed eten en goed leven delen. Een knusse warme samenkomst in dit koude seizoen, die dit keer gericht is op een heerlijke vegetarische soep. Proef het heerlijke zelfgemaakte desembrood en ontvang een recept voor jouw eigen brood.

Zondag 8 december 17:00 uur Kosten: € 18,- (€ 32,- voor 2 personen)

Breng je eigen pot mee voor de soep.

Meer informatie onderstaand in het Engels:



December 8th could be the day your sourdough baking journey begins. It's our next appointment with Angelica and Elvira, As Soup As Possible's centenary Italian sourdough starter. Over the past few years, Angelica has been sharing Elvira with a growing number of people interested in approaching sourdough in an easy, fun and rewarding way. During this event, you'll get a taste of what sourdough can do, see a demo of how to maintain it, and get a bread recipe to get you started. You'll find out that, no matter how busy your life is, there's no excuse not to enjoy the smell of freshly homebaked sourdough bread on a Sunday morning. The sourdough starter is free. The ticket fee, this time, is for the side of homemade food, Italian specialties and good Italian wine. It all comes with new friends who share your same love for the good things in life. To cozy up and celebrate the cold season, this edition is dedicated to soup (that happens to be vegetarian and/or vegan).

Next to bread and dishes prepared by me, you'll get a plate of Terre Lente's delicacies and a glass of wine. If you're only in it for the food, the wine, and the good company, you're just as welcome as the aspiring bakers! If you're after the baking challenge, though, you'll lay your hands on your first Neapolitan sourdough starter and receive all the guidance you need to start baking your own bread right away. Elvira's giveaways have always been a fun opportunity for home-bakers and novices to share their questions, experiences and recipes. On a personal level, they brought me a lot of joy in sharing my passion with interesting new people, and even earned me a few good friends. I hope you'll enjoy this initiative as much as I do, and I really look forward to meeting you on this coming edition. We look forward to welcoming you in Elvira's baking community.

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