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27-10 La Buona Tavola - Tavola d'autunno

Every month, Martina & Luigi organise La Buona Tavola. La Buona Tavola is a place where you taste good things life has to offer: food and wine that will tantalise your taste buds, accompanied by good conversations.


A table where like-minded people with a love for art, culture, architecture, food and wine meet, and were you exchange new stories to take home. All in an intimate and informal but exclusive setting, surrounded by Italian delicacies.


Every month, a varying, surprising themed menu, new flavours, new people, new stories & different wines.

What to expect:

Tavola d'autunno

Friday 27th October 18.00 - 22.00

3-course menu incl. aperitif


Furthermore, you can order:

Fantasia bubble

A large spectrum of white and red wines by the glass or bottle

About Luigi & Martina and the origine of the story
We both share a great love for food, special wines and an intrinsic curiosity for art and culture, new encounters and the stories that people bring to the table. For us, sharing a meal is about paying attention to each other and having a moment to slow down and start a conversation. That is exactly how our friendship came about and this concept was born: a coincidental meeting by a mutual friend at a spontaneously initiated dinner.

Luigi, owner of Terre Lente, was born in Calabria, Italy, but arrived in the Netherlands after working in Germany and Austria. Though originally an architect, he decided it was time to introduce Amsterdam(mers) to the beautiful products his region has to offer and started his own culinary shop.


Martina is from the Netherlands, although her name suggests an Italian roots. She works amidst Amsterdam’s contemporary arts scene, but has developed a passion for food and cooking from an early age, and later also for wines. She loves to travel and has already had the opportunity to ‘taste’ many different cultures.

We invite you to join the table, be curious and enjoy!

                                                                                    Martina & Luigi

27-10 La Buona Tavola - Tavola d'autunno

€ 45,00Prijs
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